Guilty by Olivier restaurant, one of the boldest and most laid-back concepts by Olivier, has finally come to Porto.

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Bold and provocative, the menu blends seamlessly with the modern, industrial inspired decor and the trendy and uninhibited ambience where everyone can take on their personality without limit.


ideal for a business lunch, a family dinner, watch a game with friends or a Guilty hour after work

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By Phone (+351) 224 919 106
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The most Hype meeting place in Porto

Cosmopolitan, irreverent, modern and provocative. Guilty by Olivier Restaurants are like this


Less Guilt, More Foodporn

Fulfilling the Less Guilt, More Foodporn motto, the menu serves indulgent options for all tastes and appetites, always with Olivier's usual twist. Octopus carpaccio (Sea Allure), Salmon carpaccio (River Attraction) and Beef carpaccio (Country Charm) or spicy chicken wings (On The Side Wings and Texas Style Wings) sharpen your taste buds and pave the way for an unforgettable meal.

The most difficult thing will be to choose from a hamburger such as French Way, with 200 grams of meat, fresh foie gras and confit onion, a pasta, such as Flirtatious, based on Fettuccine with piglet and peas, or a pizza, highlighting the Extravagant, made from a mix of cheese and black truffle.

The experience could not end without a delicious Guilty dessert, where pleasure overrides any sense of guilt as you sip Crunchy Decadence (churros with chocolate or dulce de leche) or Melted Indulgence (petit gâteau with ice cream).


Founded on a successful team, Guilty Porto is a proposal for the most restless spirits and the most demanding mouths.

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The Guilty Porto restaurant is the result of another partnership between Olivier da Costa and businessmen who know the catering market in the north of the country. Filipe Herculano, founder of CáBARé, who had already joined the chefpreneur at the opening of K.O.B. Porto, joins now Rui Ganguinha, who, in his more than 15 years of experience, was responsible for opening spaces that were and are authentic night references in the city of Braga, namely Bar Bô Zen and the houses Dona Rosa and KeimÒdrumo .

For over two decades, Chefpreneur Olivier da Costa has been responsible for unique, original and unprecedented gastronomy and dining concepts, turning them into instant successes. Currently, the group has six different concepts: Olivier Avenida, K.O.B. - Knowledge Of Beef, Guilty, Yakuza, SEEN and Savage.

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Guilty by Olivier Concept

BY OLIVIER, is the work signature of Olivier da Costa, one of the most prestigious chefs and entrepreneurs of Portuguese restoration.

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