Guilty Shake are the best Pizzas, the best Burgers, the best Cocktails and much more.

These are unique moments that make a simple meal a unique experience. At Guilty by Olivier we create moments for all special occasions, for special people.

And because Guilty lends itself to moments of sharing with friends and family, pizzas and hamburgers can and should share a starring role with the brand's other signature dishes, such as nachos and carpaccios for starters and indulgent pasta whose suggestive names give wings to the imagination.

Booking and Informations

Guilty Avenida da Liberdade, (+ 351) 211 913 590
Guilty Parque das Nações, (+ 351) 210 988 597
Guilty Porto, (+ 351) 224 919 106

Your night begins at Guilty and ends only wherever you wish. And as you wish!

Whether it's the recently refurbished Guilty Avenida, the Guilty Parque das Nações, opened in late 2018 on the ground floor of the Tivoli Oriente Hotel, or the Guilty Porto, opened last May, the menu features diverse proposals that promise to elevate to another level the pleasure of eating.

To top off the experience, Guilty restaurants fill with excitement at nightfall celebrating the arrival of the weekend with theme parties on Fridays. Guilty Shake presents Guilty Sounds Better With You, concept nights, theme parties where nothing happens at random. Saturdays are crowned with Guilty Saturday’s With Friends, where various DJs cheer up your night.

Are you having fun?

Choose the Guilty restaurant you like best and join us.

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